Random Factoids I - The Saga Begins

Random Factoids:

- Batman was the first movie to ever have two separate soundtracks; One orchestral soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman, and one pop soundtrack composed by Prince.

- For appearing in National Lampoon's Animal House, Donald Sutherland was offered his choice between $35,000 or 15% of the total gross. Sutherland bargained with the producers, and was paid $50,000. Had he opted for the gross, he would have earned $21,240,000.

- The character Gopher was created exclusively for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. He never appeared in any of A.A. Milne's stories, giving a subtle double meaning to his repeated assertion, "I'm not in the book, you know."

- In Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, all songs by Sex Bob-Omb are performed by Beck. All songs by The Clash at Demonhead are performed by Metric. All songs by Crash and the Boys are performed by Broken Social Scene.

- Janet Leigh, the actress famously stabbed to death by Norman Bates in Psycho, is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis, the actress nearly stabbed to death by Michael Meyers in Halloween. Director John Carpenter cast Curtis for this exact reason.

- The 2006 film Flushed Away was a joint production between animation mainstays Dreamworks Animation and Aardman Animations. Aardman is best known for their claymation features, such as Wallace and Gromit, but Flushed Away's story revolved heavily around water, which easily damaged set and character pieces. As such, Dreamworks retrograded their usual CGI style to emulate Aardman's plasticine figures, going so far as to animate imperfections such as fingerprint smudges.

- Cloverfield was named after the street where Bad Robot Productions are located. The title was not intended to be permanent.

- Judy Garland wore a prosthetic nose in The Wizard of Oz to appear younger.

- In 1980, The Blues Brothers set the record for most car crashes in a single movie. the record was broken in 1998 by its own sequel, Blues Brothers 2000.

- The song Dazed and Confused does not appear in the movie Dazed and Confused. Led Zeppelin rarely ever licenses their music. While shooting School of Rock, Richard Linklater (director of both films) shot special footage of Jack Black and hundreds of extras pleading the band for permission to use Immigrant Song. Led Zeppelin received the footage, and gave Linklater permission.

- Demolition Man features product placement for Taco Bell, but with a futuristic design, logo and font. After the film's release, Taco Bell changed their logo to emulate the fictional logo.

- The Nightmare Before Christmas' original ending revealed Dr. Finkelstein as a villain, working in conjunction with Oogie-Boogie. During filming, Tim Burton accidentally kicked a set piece, destroying it, and forcing a re-write.

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