Domo Arigato

Robot classification is difficult. The nerds on Wikipedia haven't made researching the subject any easier.

Robots: A catch-all term for synthetic lifeforms, usually metallic, mechanic and computerized.

Android: Any robot designed and programmed to look and act human (to varying degrees).

Cyborg: Cybernetic Organism. Any biological creature (usually human) who has been augmented or enhanced by robotic limbs, organs or other technological processes. A half-man, half-machine (not usually in that ratio).

AI Computer Systems: A computer operating system with artificial intelligence. Unlike normal computer systems, AICSes do not require input from a user, and may even reject such interactions. Having an individual thought process, personality, and perfectly capable of interacting with others, AICSes are hindered by not having a motile body, but can compensate by operating robotic arms or other movable objects within their systems.

Biorobotics: A special designation for robots, halfway between Android and Cyborg. Biorobotics, or Bioroids, are machinations designed to completely replicate human beings from a mechanical, physical and even chemical standpoint. The purpose is to create an actual human being from synthetic parts; to create an illusion so precise, any onlooker would be unaware of the robot's artificiality. To play God.

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