2012 Best Picture Speculation

Oscar nominations come out on Thursday, January 10th. Can you believe it? We'll be talking about the best of 2012 cinema when it's actually relatively close to 2012.

 I can't wait. I wanna speculate now.

Will be nominated for Best Picture:
1) Argo
2) Django Unchained
3) Lincoln
4) Silver Linings Playbook
5) Zero Dark Thirty

Will almost definitely be nominated for Best Picture:
6) The Master
7) Les Miserables
8) Life of Pi

Stand a good chance of being nominated for Best Picture: 
 9) Amour
10) Beasts of the Southern Wild
11) End of Watch
12) The Intouchables
13) Moonrise Kingdom
14) Rust and Bone
15) The Sessions

Stand an outside chance of being nominated for Best Picture:
16) Anna Karenina
17) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
18) Flight
19) The Impossible
20) Take This Waltz

Films that I have heard as being speculated for Best Picture in various publications, but stand no chance in Hell: 
21) Bernie
22) Cloud Atlas
23) The Dark Knight Rises
24) The Hobbit
25) Looper
26) Magic Mike
27) Prometheus
28) Promised Land
29) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
30) Seven Psychopaths
31) Skyfall
32) Trouble With the Curve

1 comment:

  1. When trailers for Trouble With the Curve came out, I thought it would almost certainly be pulling for Best Picture - but then it tanked so hard, I think it was only in theaters for about two weeks. Also, anyone who thinks Prometheus has a snowball's chance of getting any nominations that aren't visual or technical hasn't been paying attention to how much the Academy hates genre film (never mind the fact that it wasn't very good).

    I feel like Cloud Atlas might be this year's Tree of Life - ambitious, beautiful, incredibly mixed reviews, and no real chance of winning, but it would get people talking if it ended up on the table.