2012 - The Year of the Bow and Arrow

Every year in Hollywood there's a breakout star. This year, we had the pleasure of a resurgence. A fallen comrade who is now back to grace us with their presence once again. And he brought his old partner back with him. Ladies and gentleman, 2012 was the year of the Bow and Arrow Here are the duo's ten best performances from the past year:

10) The Campaign
This scene didn't make the final cut of the movie. I'm still counting it because it's funnier than 90% of the actual film.

9) Wrath of the Titans (Mute this video before playing)

Very clever, uploader. Blow out our speakers to distract us from the Sam Worthington bad acting.

8) Snow White and the Huntsman
Learn to listen. It saves lives.

7) Moonrise Kingdom

The actual scene takes place a little earlier, but frankly, I'm lucky I found this.

6) The Five-Year Engagement  
Man hits woman = Terrible thing.
Woman hits man = Funny thing.
Little girl hits woman in the leg with a crossbow = Very funny thing.

5) The Dark Knight Rises

If Bruce Wayne's aim was a little worse, The Dark Knight Rises would have been a much shorter film.

4) The Hobbit

Couldn't find a clip of this scene. But trust me, it's there.

3) Brave

Pixar, a mister Robin Hood is on line two, something about a plagiarism suit...

2) The Avengers

Hawkeye: Weakest member of The Avengers; still a badass.

1) The Hunger Games

Easy on the suckling pig, Seneca. You won't have any room for the berries.

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