The 50 Greatest Music Movie Moments: 28 - 25

28.) Moneyball - The Show
Originally by Lenka
Performed by Kerris Dorsey

The scene: Baseball manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) takes a break from his deeply involved and hardening job to spend time with his daughter, letting his humanity show and endearing him to audiences, thus ensuring an Academy Award nomination. Billy takes his daughter Casey (Kerris Dorsey) to a music store, where she picks up a guitar and regales her father. As she sings, he realizes the uncomfortable truth that his daughter is growing up faster than he has realized.

The song: Either Lenka plagiarized Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" or Mraz plagiarized Lenka. I can't tell. Both these songs came out at the same time, and they are exactly the same. Regardless, 'The Show' is a tender, melodious pop song handled with all the frailty necessary by the young Kerris Dorsey. I'd go so far as to say I prefer her acoustic version over the actual song.

27.) Can't Hardly Wait - Paradise City
Originally by Guns N Roses
Performed by Charlie Korsmo

The scene: Troves of high schoolers are in the early hours of the final party of their high school careers. Coincidentally, it's also the first high school party of the socially awkward and painfully nerdy William (Charlie Korsmo). Fortunately, due to a well-timed dosage of confidence and alcohol, Charlie finds acceptance quite easily. He doubles down on his newly acquired popularity with an intense rendition of a heavy metal classic.

The song: 'Paradise City' was released in 1988. Can't Hardly Wait was released in 1998. By teenager standards, the song was a relic. A fossil from a bygone era. And yet, with the right attitude, the right enthusiasm, and the right energy it's just as fresh as the day it was released. Just as William learns, it's not important who or what you are, it's how you present yourself.

26.) Boogie Nights - Sister Christian/Jessie's Girl/99 Luftballons
Performed Respectively by Night Ranger, Rick Springfield and Nena

The scene: Hard up for cash to cover their studio recording costs, pornography mavens Dirk Diggler and Reed Rothchild (Marky Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly) attempt to scam the eccentric Rahad Jackson (Alfred Molina) by selling him a half-kilo of baking soda disguised as cocaine. But as the plan progresses, it turns out Rahad is more than just eccentric.

The songs: Boogie Nights chronicles the evolution of society, media, and business from the 1970s well into the 1980s. The scene depicts the worst of 80s excess: having so much money there's nothing to do with it except sterile furnishings, alcohol and drugs, and hiring an associate to randomly set off firecrackers throughout the evening. All this nonsense is punctuated by three songs verbally welcoming you to the maddening wonderland of 1980s America.

25.) Reservoir Dogs - Stuck in the Middle with You
Performed by Stealers Wheel

The scene: Professional thief and amateur psychopath Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) is left alone with a police hostage after a botched diamond heist. Rather than interrogate his captive on the details of the failed robbery, Mr. Blonde decides to have some darkly demented fun with a straight razor.

The song: Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino's first foray into film was (no duh) also his first foray into soundtracks. In his own words, he wanted the film to have a 50s feel, but with a 70s soundtrack. The entire film is bookmarked by narration from a fictional DJ on a fictional radio station, playing "Super sounds of the 70s," adding an extra element of familiarity between the soundtrack and the film.

Interesting fact: The 70s were just as chronologically distant from Reservoir Dogs' release date as Reservoir Dogs' release date is from today.

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